“Latrea and I attended the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County together and she stole the show. I met some very intriguing Individuals but none more fascinating than Latrea. The wisdom intelligence, and kindness that displayed was a breath of fresh air for me. Latrea was also one of the first from our class to hit the ground running by launching her coaching practice and writing a book. I am honored to have crossed paths with such a dynamic and inspirational figure!”

Eddie Love
Author~ Speaker~ Personal Coach~ relationship blogger
“All Winners United”

“Thank you once again for holding a session during our symposium. The families have nothing but good things to say about it. You are an inspiration to many and I feel honored having you be a part of our retreat. You are amazing!”

Annie Reeve
Program Director
Children’s Craniofacial Association

“Thank you Latrea for providing a wonderful insightful workshop to our clients here at C.R.E.S.T you are such an inspiration!”

Angela Lewis
Program Coordinator at C.R.E.S.T

“Coach Latrea Wyche is a very compassionate, yet firm life coach. Her knowledge and willingness to be transparent with her own experiences is what sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is unsure about what their purpose is or even how to reach that destination.”

Iris M Williams
Publisher & Author

When I first started speaking with Latrea Wyche it was through via Facebook. I had heard about her through my grandmother, she had a book of Latrea’s and she thought I would enjoy it. I found out later that Latrea was good friends with Ms. Iris Williams my now publisher. Just from me viewing Latrea’s Facebook page before speaking to her, I was a little intimidated by all of her accomplishments she achieved on her own. I was a new author so I didn’t know how to approach other authors at the time. So I began watching her videos. She was very inspirational to me. I decided to just go for it and talk to her. She is very down to earth, she helped me focus on my writing better and get my focused audience I would like to reach out to. I am now attending the same church with Latrea, she is helping me realize that anything is possible with hard work and prayer”

Kendra Benford